SS04 – Nature is beautiful everywhere

04 - Nature is beautiful everywhere “Ah!” “Hmm?” They had almost reached Kitahara Middle School, the middle school that Nodoka attended, when Diana let out a loud voice and stopped walking. “Nodoka! Over there! Look!” Diana excitedly took off her sunglasses and pointed at something far away. Instead of what Diana was pointing at, Nodoka … Continue reading SS04 – Nature is beautiful everywhere


Afterword Mobile phones started to become popular among students right around the time when I was in high school. At that time, the things a student could do with a mobile phone were limited to phone calls, text messages with a limited number of characters per message, and creation of ringtone melodies. Depending on your … Continue reading Afterword

Chapter 4, Part 3

“That light is-!!” Madoka, who had been clashing against Alexei in mid-air, stopped moving when she noticed the pillar of light that cut through the darkness. Even Alexei’s Shii had a similar reaction, and its attention was directed towards that light which was like a sun inside this closed world. “...Hideo” “Hideo… Hideo…!” Madoka recalled … Continue reading Chapter 4, Part 3