Majo no Tabitabi – Volume 2 Prologue


It was raining on the spring plains.

The modestly falling raindrops made a quiet sound as they wet the grasslands and the top of a tree that stood on a gently sloping hill.

“…Ah, it’s really starting to come down.”

A young witch stood beneath that single tree, staring blankly at the sky that had turned grey in color. She had silky long hair that had the same hue as the clouds in the sky, and she wore a black robe, a black tricorne, and a star-shaped brooch that was the proof of her being a witch.

She had a broom by her side, and directly below it was a large piece of luggage. She was a witch, as well as a traveler.

“…What should I do?”

She was perplexed. Should she keep going, or just keep standing here?

As she was a witch, if she felt like it, it would have been possible for her to keep flying on her broom while using magic to keep the rain away.


However, she lost the desire to use such methods after watching the rain for a while.

She saw a thin ray of sunlight break through the cloudy sky in the distance, as if peeking from behind a curtain. The gloomy land received the light and began to shine brightly. Even the raindrops that were falling incessantly were reflecting that light. They were glittering as they fell from high in the sky.

It was a sunshower.

“…I guess I’ll take a break for a while before going on.”

Who was this witch who was entranced by the spectacle that unfolded before her eyes?

That’s right, it was me.

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