Majo no Tabitabi – Volume 2 Epilogue


Clouds floated in the infinitely stretching sky, casting their shadow on the ground.

There was a single tree growing in a spot where the sunlight was conveniently blocked, and the top of that tree was gently swaying in the breeze.

The leaves, agitated by the wind, made a rustling sound as they were blown away from that singular tree standing on that peaceful plain, and flew through the air. The leaves that danced through the air bumped into a certain witch before flying off into the sky once again.


After lightly touching her cheeks that had been brushed by the leaves, the witch looked at the tree that stood before her.

The girl with sleek, long grey hair was a witch, and traveled the world while riding a broom. She wore a black robe and a tricorne, and on her chest was a star-shaped brooch that signified she was a witch.

She looked at the lonely tree and muttered “Mumu,” while twisting her neck.

She remembered seeing this tree before, that stood calmly amidst a patch of flowers.

After moving under the tree and getting off her broom, she remembered where and when she had seen this tree before.

“This is the same tree that I took shelter from the rain under.”

She remembered the scenery that was visible from that spot. It had started to rain while she was in the middle of her travel, so she had rested in this place for a little while.

It appears she has returned to this place once again.

Remembering the sight she had previously seen from this spot, her lips loosened slightly.

After that, she got on her broom once again and floated up into the air.

The view before her was colored in a pale green and a vast blue.

It was beautiful.

It was an ordinary scene, one that you might see anywhere. Even so, it was so beautiful that it took her breath away.


However, the girl didn’t stop here like she had done in the past. It was not raining this time, after all. There was no reason to stop.

Instead of just gazing at the beautiful scenery, it would be far better for a witch and a traveler to travel amidst that beautiful scenery.

She slowly floated around the tree as she considered where to go next. However, she gave up on that halfway through as she found it annoying, and once again returned to the sunlight after moving away from the tree.

The fluttering leaves beneath her were gently glittering as if welcoming the witch. The wind was gently blowing as if it was caressing her.

This commonplace scenery greeted the witch as it had several times before.

It was as if the scenery was inviting her to places she had not yet seen in this world that seemed to stretch out infinitely in all directions.

“…I wonder what kind of place the next country is.”

The girl whispered to no one in particular.

She doesn’t know the answer. And because she doesn’t know, she wants to know it.

The witch continued her journey through the gentle breeze with just a little excitement in her heart.

Who was she, you ask?

Why, it was me, of course.


It is nice to meet you, or perhaps it has just been a while. I am Shiraishi Jougi.

I have recently become a full-fledged member of society. When I was young, all the working adults looked like perfect and wonderful people to me, but now that I am part of that society, I see that it is not overflowing with wonderful people as I had thought, neither have I become such a person myself. It is just my environment that has changed, and I have not drastically changed in any way, and even though I have become an adult, I earnestly think that I will remain true to who I was unless I intentionally make the change.

With that out of the way, I would like to thank you for purchasing Volume 2 of 『Majo no Tabitabi』.

Just like the first volume, there were meetings between different people, a story that formed from that, and then they went their separate ways… I understand that just having that as a single template might become boring! Because I was afraid of it being seen that way, I decided to change the idea behind Volume 2 a little. Also, she was previously just flying through forests, so I decided to change the scenery up once in awhile to give a sense of the seasons as well. Due to that, Elaina-san ended up having to endure marching through snow-covered countries and deserts in the span of a single volume.

Also, the time I spent writing the manuscript for the second volume was something like a preparatory period for my first year as a member of society. Maybe because my misgivings about my new lifestyle had accumulated to such an extent, or my worries about the world I was living in had finally reached a peak, all the stories I submitted to my editor ended up being dark themed.

Due to the fact that all my stories were so dark in nature,

“Jougi-san, have you gone over to the dark side? Are you okay?”

I also worried my editor who then asked me such things. I am fine. I am doing very well. Incidentally, some of the stories that were too dark were edited to be a little more mild and included as a part of this book, and some of them were cast into the deepest pits of hell (meaning they were rejected).

Now, it is time to say thank you.

My editor, M-sama. Thank you for saving me when I was about to go over to the dark side. May the Force be with you.

Azuru-sama. Thank you for continuing to provide the cute illustrations and character designs after Volume 1… Princess Chocola’s cuteness was especially lethal. I was about to fall in love. But that would be yuri. Goddamnit.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people involved in the publication of this volume, and also all of the readers who read this book through its end, including this afterword with no real content. Thank you all so much.

….I still have a few lines left, so I will post some spoilers from the next volume (assuming there will be one).

A person called Shiraishi Jougi is reincarnated into a world from the present age. However, this person is not conveniently given cheat-level powers, nor are they served by beautiful women. They only happened to come from a world where the culture had advanced to a fair degree, so they don’t have any technical skills either. In the first place, they don’t even speak the same language. Due to these reasons, they die of starvation after a few days.

I will be writing a story that ends in such a manner. As I thought, a change in environment will not cause the true essence of a person to change as well. I plan to make the story end with such a punchline.

Of course, this is a lie. In case there is another volume, let us meet again!

Shiraishi Jougi

After dirtying the toilet of a pub by vomiting, they ask to borrow a mop but only get a hand towel. Story of my life.


My remaining goal for this year is to properly digest all the games that have been piling up.

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