Majo no Tabitabi – Volume 3 Afterword



It has been a while. I am Shiraishi Jougi.

Time passes quickly, and two years have already gone by since I first released 『Majo no Tabitabi』 as a self-published book. At that time, I certainly never imagined that my books would be commercially published someday, and yet here I am writing an afterword for one of them. Life is a mysterious thing.

Anyway, this was 『Majo no Tabitabi』 Volume 3.

In this volume, there were many things like a casual reference to the title of the book, and Elaina-san’s hair being cut short. Actually, I vaguely remember saying something along the lines of, “There is no particular meaning behind the title of the book, no such word exists,” but how do I put it; that was likely said by a version of me from a different world, and I will be very glad if you accept it with such a reason in mind.

Back when I wrote Volume 2, I was in the mindset where I was thinking, Aah! I want to write dark stories! and I kept sending dark stories over to my editor, and maybe due to that, the overall tone of that volume was quite dark. I have learned my lesson. Due to that, I decided to just about fill this volume with cheerful stories (that does not mean that there are no dark stories at all).

I still have a few lines left until I say thank you, so I would like to write about four lines going into the world of 『Majo no Tabitabi』 in depth.

I first thought of Elaina’s character around five years ago. I think at that time she was just a cute girl who flew over here from another world, but after about three years passed, she became somewhat cynical, she turned into a traveler, and the “other world” concept went out the window. Truly, stories are mysterious things.

Anyway, that came out to exactly four lines, so it is time to say thanks.


Thank you for providing such cute illustrations for this volume as well. I have received several character designs and drawings of various aspects of Elaina so far, but I personally love the short-haired Elaina-san very much. So much so that when you showed me the rough sketch for Volume 3’s cover, I thought, Oh wow, is this an angel? Thank you so much.

My editor, M-sama.

Thank you for not abandoning me despite my tendency to keep writing dark stories, and your thorough comments through the completion of the manuscript for Volume 3. On an unrelated note, I personally think that the fact that M-san’s daughter reads 『Majo no Tabitabi』 was the most important news of the year.

And finally, to all the readers.

The fact that this series has reached three volumes is solely because of the ratings given by the readers. Thank you so much. I am honored that the characters that appear in 『Majo no Tabitabi』 receive so much love.

Since each volume is limited to fourteen chapters, that makes a total of forty two stories so far and a proportionately large number of pages, but I have nothing but appreciation for all of you for sticking with me so far.

And now.

From here on out, I will assume that the reader has already read all fourteen chapters of volume 3.

I think that the people who read to the end of Chapter 14 might have already guessed this, and they would be correct for the most part. The series 『Majo no Tabitabi』 that is being published under G.A Novel is at an end, for now.

And at the same time, I will be starting on a new series.

I would like to make it a series that will will be appreciated by the people who love Elaina in this book. Or rather, I would like to write a sequel with the same worldview. By the way, Cagliostro-chan from 『Granblue』 is really cute.

The above is an outline of the conference I had with my editor, M-san, and after a meeting regarding the plot with the editorial department, it was decided that I would be writing a new series with the same worldview as 『Majo no Tabitabi』 under the GA Bunko label. It is a story where two protagonists work on solving an incident that occurs in a certain country (tentative).

This time, it will be published as a paperback so there won’t be any reason to hesitate over where to buy it, and it will also be at around half the price (sales promotion). Also, I said that it was a new series with the same worldview, but in truth it is basically like a sequel of 『Majo no Tabitabi』(shameless sales promotion). So of course, Elaina-san will be appearing in it as well, in fact she is one of the main characters and will be conspicuous with her trademark rotten personality and polite speech (extremely shameless sales promotion). Also, it seems that Azuuru-san will continue to be in charge of the illustrations (hooray!).

It will be released… around Spring 2017, maybe… possibly (wishful thinking).

Well, it’s something like that.

And so, 『Majo no Tabitabi』 has ended for now, but I will be counting on your support in the future as well.

Author: Shiraishi Jougi

Planned to take a fifteen minute nap, but ended up sleeping for a whole three hours. Story of my life.

Illustration: Azuuru

After drawing the cover illustration, I thought short hair is nice as well~ that’s my impression of Volume 3.

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