SS06 – Yuusha no Segare – Chokansha Fair 2017

  Yuusha no Segare - Chokansha Fair 2017 Short Story  In ancient times, the world at night did not belong to the humans. Even some time after man had obtained culture, items like oil and candles that could be used for illumination at night were very expensive, and they were not something commoners could use … Continue reading SS06 – Yuusha no Segare – Chokansha Fair 2017


SS04 – Nature is beautiful everywhere

04 - Nature is beautiful everywhere “Ah!” “Hmm?” They had almost reached Kitahara Middle School, the middle school that Nodoka attended, when Diana let out a loud voice and stopped walking. “Nodoka! Over there! Look!” Diana excitedly took off her sunglasses and pointed at something far away. Instead of what Diana was pointing at, Nodoka … Continue reading SS04 – Nature is beautiful everywhere